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Our concern started in 1985 as a producer of building equipment goods. In 1995 it began to specialize in the construction of concrete mixer machine from lt. 150 to lt. 360.

The usage of technologically advanced plants and machinery, the exclusively usage of high quality materials (with test certificate) and the full respect of the environment (only water paints are used), allow us the export of strong and reliable machines in the lead and a prominent position within the national and international market.

The professional competence of all our staff guarantees the quality and reliability of each single machine and, beside that, enables a constant and prompt after-sale service.

Plenty of in stock supply of all models of concrete mixers, ensures a quick delivery all over the year.

Over 15 models of concrete mixing machines, each of them available in different versions and with different equipment goods, together with the concrete mixing machine covers and the electronic float finishing machines, are the result of the helpfulness and flexibility of our management dealing with the various requirements of our customers and with the continuous changing of the market situations.

Domestic Inquiry

Mr. Rajesh Chauhan
(+91) - 98250 77803
(+91)-97262 30009
Mr. Gopal Chauhan
(+91) - 98250 98593

International Inquiry

Mr. Jitendra Rathod
(+91) - 94269 54049